Confronting hearing loss is an important element of total patient care.

As a certified audiology practice, we recognize that there are medical conditions and high-risk co-morbidities associated often associated with a hearing loss. Among these are depression, diabetes, and dizziness. Also, emerging research indicates that untreated hearing loss may actually accelerate cognitive dysfunction and vestibular impairment. And, perhaps of more importance, untreated hearing loss limits a patient’s ability to engage with physicians and their overall healthcare support resources.

Cobourg Hearing Centre is an interventional audiology practice.

We support the notion that audiologists and other healthcare professionals cooperate in the intervention of care of individuals.  For our part, we provide the following:

  1. Provide certified audiologist assessments and care for children and adults throughout Northumberland County.;
  2. Accommodate of patients either in our office or at their place of residence;
  3. Provide same-day assessment for patients with sudden hearing loss;
  4. Ensure that referring physicians are fully apprised of hearing care related findings or outcomes;
  5. Ensure that area physicians are provided with timely updates on hearing-health related science through our newsletters or “lunch and learn” meetings.

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