After the Assessment

Once your hearing has been assessed, our Audiologist will explain the results to you and answer any questions you may have.  If a hearing loss is indicated, it is important you educate yourself and take an active role in your hearing health.  No one knows how you hear the world or how hearing loss impacts everyday life better than you.  If, together, you and our Audiologist, determine hearing aids are the best treatment option, a Hearing Aid Evaluation will be scheduled.  As many people are hesitant to try hearing aids for the first time, please be assured we operate on a strict no pressure principal and offer free-trial periods and also a 90-day return/exchange policy.

Hearing Aid Evaluation:

At this appointment we sit down together and discuss which type of hearing aids are most appropriate for you .  Every hearing loss is unique and every person has different listening preferences.  Therefore, choosing the correct hearing aids must be individualized.  The following factors are taken into consideration when choosing hearing aids:

●    Type, Degree, and Configuration of Hearing Loss
●    Manual dexterity & visual abilities
●    Financial Considerations
●    Aesthetics 
●    Skin sensitivities
●    Anatomical/medical considerations
●    Listening Needs and Lifestyle

Hearing Aid Fitting

Approximately one week after your Hearing Aid Evaluation, you will be scheduled for a hearing aid fitting. Whether new to hearing aids or an experienced user, this appointment will begin with familiarizing you with how to function and maintain/clean the new hearing aids.  They will then be fit to your prescription using state-of-the-art Real Ear Verification techniques.  This method of fitting hearing aids is mandatory as dictated by the government appointed governing body of Audiologists in Ontario.  Every hearing loss is different and this method allows us to personalize the volume of the hearing aids for you.