Just like your car, hearing aids sometimes need maintenance.  Cobourg Hearing Centre has complete repair and maintenance facilities onsite at our offices and our Hearing Instrument Specialist has more than a decade of experience in the hearing industry.  A few reasons to choose Cobourg Hearing Centre as your maintenance depot of choice are as follows:

  • Complimentary Cleaning - Hearing aids need cleaning periodically. We do it free.
  • Complimentary Small Repairs - Most hearing aids will only need small or modest repairs. We do them free, too.
  • No Appointment Necessary - Walk-ins are welcome. If you're in the neighborhood, drop in.
  • Manufacturer Liaison - On the few occasions where your hearing aid needs the attention of the manufacturer, we'll see that it gets looked after.
  • Loaner Program - You don't have to do without. We'll loan you a hearing aid to get you by until yours are available again,.

When you have problems with your hearing aids, we'll take care of everything and you rest assured that they will be serviced quickly and professionally and that any warranties are fully honored.