Cobourg Hearing Centre offers a complete array of services to people experiencing hearing difficulties and to new and existing hearing aid owners. Here's a top-level summary of our services.


Hearing Tests & Assessments

Cobourg Hearing Centre offers a variety of accurate and comprehensive diagnostic assessments of hearing and hearing-related problems. We also provide more services for ear wax removal, employment hearing test and much more. See the complete list>.  


Home Hearing Care

Unlike many health practitioners, we recognize that it isn't always convenient or possible for our clients to come to us. Learn more about our home hearing care>

Hearing Aid Vendors  

Hearing Aid Fitting

 If, together, you and our Audiologist, determine hearing aids are the best treatment option, we will sit down together and discuss which type of hearing aids are most appropriate and then fit them to your prescription using state-of-the-art Real Ear Verification techniques. Read more>


Cleaning & Repairs

Just like your car, hearing aids sometimes need maintenance.  Cobourg Hearing Centre has complete repair and maintenance facilities onsite at our offices and our Hearing Instrument Specialist has more than a decade of experience in the hearing industry.Read more?



ICobourg Hearing Center can offer you an assortment of all the hearing aid accessories or assistive listening devices to make sure you get the most from your hearing aids and the most satisfying hearing experience. Read more>