Hearing Aids are more sophisticated today

The facts are that hearing aids, today, are more sophisticated and more powerful than many other technological devices available to consumers. In addition, there are more options available, more features to address hearing problems or more accessories than there ever were.  In one way this is good.  But it also means that, as a consumer, you need more information, and often some assistance, in order to make a sound decision for your hearing care.  We've assembled some information to help you in that regard.

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Hearing Aid Styles

There are three fundamental tyles of hearing aids - behind-the-ear (BTE), In-the-ear (ITE and ITC), and Completely-in-the-canal (CIC). The styles differ by size, their placement on or inside the ear, and the degree to which they amplify sound. Hearings aids, today, also come in a variety of colours and connections.  Read more>


Hearing Aid Technologies

Hearing aid have changed a lot in their technology and circuitry. Today, microchips, computerization, and digitized sound processing are used in hearing aids and this technology allows them to be small, use smaller batteries, and support a variety of important hearing functions. Read more?

Hearing Aid Vendors  

Hearing Aid Suppliers

Like automobiles and cellphones, there are many different manufacturers of hearing aids. Here's an overview of some of the suppliers we use. Learn about our manufacturers?


Care of Your Hearing Aids

A hearing aid can be a large investment and can make the difference in how easily to adapt to your workplace, home or community.  Understanding how to care for your hearing aids is key to protecting your investment.  Here's a few tips>


3-Year Peace of Mind Plan

You're going to have hearing aids for a long time. Cobourg Hearing Centre offers you a plan to ensure that they'll always be of optimal utility to you. Find out about our 3-Year care plan.